Welcome to U4U Volunteers

We respond to the critical needs of refugees, migrants and people in distress, including access to life-saving services, shelter, social and legal aid, and integration.

We help the most vulnerable communities in Switzerland heal, integrate and thrive through new communication tools, therapies and interventions.

We help you communicate and connect through art, animal care, nature, sports, music, wellness and happy experiences. 

We help you integrate and thrive in Switzerland through self-healing, community support, professional guidance, volunteering and active engagement in society. 

U4U Key Messages


Art. Music. Movement. Animals. Nature. Sport. We focus on universal languages that unite people no matter their origin or path. We use the most advanced, unconventional tools as part of our integration approaches.



Volunteering empowers individuals in trouble by providing a sense of belonging, building skills, and fostering community connections, making integration smoother and more meaningful.


Direct Aid

We deliver direct, targeted, needs-based aid to the doorsteps of those who cannot access it otherwise. This ensures that the most vulnerable receive the critical support they need, fostering recovery and integration.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of therapy do you offer?

We offer art therapy, zootherapy, and nature-based therapy.

Who can benefit from your services?

Our services are beneficial for refugees, victims of violence, and children with special needs.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by volunteering, donating, or participating in our programs.

“U4U Volunteers have transformed the lives of many in our community. Their unique approach to healing and integration through universal languages known to all is both effective and heartwarming.”

Nadya ROSS, pianist

Contact us

U4U Volunteers 

11-13 Chemin des Anemones 

1219 Chatelaine, Geneva



About us


Welcome to U4U Volunteers!

At U4U Volunteers, based in Switzerland, we use transformative non-verbal communication tools and interventions to help those walking a difficult path, be it migration, displacement, fleeing abuse, facing a disability or any difficulty in ligr.  

We specialize in helping some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, including women and children refugees, victims of violence, people with special needs and/or disabilities, through innovative interventions such as art therapy, zootherapy, self-healing, nature-based therapy, sports, music and many others.  Our committed team creates a safe, supportive environment where beneficiaries can explore emotions and build coping skills, making a meaningful difference in their lives.

We strongly believe in using volunteering as a powerful tool for recovery and integration. By engaging in volunteer activities, vulnerable individuals gain a sense of belonging and self-worth, integrate more effectively into the host society, learn new languages and skills, overcome cultural barriers and adapt to social conventions.



U4U Volunteers: Your Global "CrowdCaring" Network

As an international NGO, U4U extends a helping hand to people in emergencies, including feeling conflict and disaster zones, facing an illness or personal tragedy. Registered under Swiss law (REG number 1-2MI0MX), we operate throughout Switzerland and Europe. We are a proud member of the Task Force led by Hospice General in Geneva, a partner of l’EVAM in Vaud, a participant of the Microsoft Non-Profit Hub, and a member of the EU Space Agency Humanitarian Platform. Recognized as an international NGO by Geneve Internationale, our unique CrowdCaring method connects volunteers and refugees directly, promoting decentralization and empowerment.


Our Mission
24/7 Support: From critical first response to full integration into host societies, with a special emphasis on non-verbal therapeutic interventions.

Fostering Connections: Building direct relationships between volunteers, beneficiaries, and host societies through innovative therapies.

Focus on Vulnerable Groups: Prioritizing women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities using our unique non-verbal therapies.

Engaging Beneficiaries: Empowering refugees as volunteers and professionals to foster community-building, resilience, and integration through therapeutic practices.

Our Focus

Neutral and Independent: We serve without political, ideological, or religious bias, ensuring help for all in need.
Decentralized Aid: Our approach promotes direct connections between volunteers and those in need, enhanced by our non-verbal therapeutic methods.

Innovative CrowdCaring:
Guardian Volunteers: Bilingual and multilingual volunteers bridge cultural and linguistic gaps between refugees and hosts, utilizing non-verbal interventions to enhance communication and support.
Active Engagement: Refugees and beneficiaries actively participate as volunteers and team members, fostering healing and integration through engagement in our therapeutic programs.

Innovative Therapies
Our edge lies in our pioneering non-verbal therapies, which include:

Art Therapy: Utilizing creative expression to help individuals process trauma and express emotions.
Zootherapy: Using interactions with animals to promote emotional well-being and healing.
Nature-Based Therapy: Engaging with natural environments to support mental health and recovery.
Volunteering as an Integration Tool

We are the only NGO that uses volunteering as a core tool for integration. We believe that by engaging in volunteer activities, vulnerable people gain a sense of belonging and self-worth. Through volunteering, they integrate more effectively, learn new languages, and acquire valuable skills. This hands-on approach not only aids their personal development but also fosters community-building and mutual support. By involving refugees and other beneficiaries as volunteers, we help them build meaningful connections, develop resilience, and find their place in their new communities.

Join us in making a difference through the power of innovative therapies and the transformative impact of volunteering. If you need help, click the banner below.